About Us

We help Aussie tradesmen build Successful Businesses

Athol Bailey works with a range of clients who are looking to move off the tools, understand their unique strengths, and create a balanced, fulfilled lifestyle.

Athol Bailey works alongside tradesmen and trades business leaders, to build strategies that grow profitable, replicable and balanced businesses

About Us

Bringing together your skills and experience

Bringing together your skills and experience as a tradesmen with a structured management process, Business Strategies for Tradesmen focuses on achieving long-term, tangible results.

Business Strategies for Tradesmen services trades business owners nationally online, as well as providing consultation to business leaders in Melbourne’s south east or via Zoom.

My History

Athol Bailey

Athol brings with him 25 years of experiencing the ups and downs in the business world. He has successfully developed 3 start-up businesses and coached many businesses since 2010.

Athol now works with small business owners, to assist them in enhancing their skills, performance, and overall success. Athol collaborates with clients to identify their goals, challenges, and areas that require improvement, and provides them with guidance, support, and advice to help them accomplish their objectives, ultimately giving them choices in how they spend their time.

With 25 years of Business experience, some specific tasks that he undertakes as a Business Development Coach and Mentor include:

  • Assisting clients in developing and executing business plans
  • Providing guidance on marketing, sales, and customer service strategies
  • Analysing financial statements and helping clients improve their financial management.
  • Developing leadership skills and assisting clients in building effective teams.
  • Helping clients with time management and productivity improvements.
  • Providing advice on business growth and expansion strategies.
  • Offering accountability and motivation to help clients stay focused and achieve their goals.

In summary, as a Business Coach, he works closely with clients to help them overcome many challenges, enhance their performance, and attain greater success in their business.

Reasons to work
with me.

My 3 guarantees:

  1. Increase profit
    Earn more money and increase profits by 50%. Our clients experience an average increase of 75% in profit in the first 12 months of working alongside us.
  2. Gain control
    Set up unbeatable processes that allow your business to run effortlessly without you there. Our clients afford themselves at least 2 weeks holiday per year, within the first 12 months of working with us.
  3. Get off the tools
    Move off the tools or enjoy the true flexibility and lifestyle that comes with owning your own business. Our clients move off the tools and in to real leadership roles within the first 12 month of working with us.

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